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Swiss Life “The Stradivarius”

Swiss Life “My Dream”



Alexandra is half Swedish, half Australian, born in Paris and raised in Switzerland. She speaks five languages and holds an undergraduate degree in Drama from the University of Bristol (UK), as well as an MFA in Film Directing from UCLA. A visual storyteller who likes to blur the lines between cinema and documentary, Alexandra makes emotional films with strong stories at their center. She has a keen eye for fashion and beauty, is excellent with actors and elicits real, human performances from actors, models, and real people. She has worked extensively in documentaries, directing, writing, and producing for CNN’s Great Big Story, and also spent three years working on a personal film in India about a shopkeeper who teaches slum children under a metro bridge. Alexandra's films have screened at festivals around the world and have won numerous awards, including 1st Place at the Student Emmys, an honorable mention from the DGA, and a Gold EDI. She lives in New York and is currently co-writing a feature script with the director Marc Forster.