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apple “AirPods”

DAWN “Not Above That”

About the VR piece: "We start from a place of story and work our way out," Marsh says. "Technology changes, the way we interact changes, but the way we get in is always story."-WIRED

DAWN “Titans x James Dean”



Monty Marsh

Monty Marsh



An award-winning Director and Producer, Monty Marsh specializes in commercial, music video, VR and interactive content strategy and production. After earning an Economics degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Monty spent time in front of the camera as a model and actor, before joining Cinemedia Film AG's North American Film Finance Division. There, he was responsible for researching, forecasting and presenting film financing opportunities to the Executive Team. Though Monty gained valuable experience packaging projects, negotiations and creative financing, the importance of 'Story' became paramount in his process. This led Monty behind the camera, and he has since worked in every facet of production, including working as a member of the esteemed Local 399 Teamsters Union as a Location Scout / Manager for multiple A-List production companies in Los Angeles and New York. 

Monty has completed a digital marketing certification program at General Assembly. As an entrepreneur with an affinity for entrepreneurs, Monty brings to his work the most relevant skills of the 21st Century.

Awards + Accolades

- Monty made history in 2016 by directing and co-producing YouTube's first Live 360 performance in collaboration with The Verge and Indy Pop Star D∆WN.

- His 'Not Above That' VR Experience (premiered by Wired Magazine), and his 2D 'Not Above That' music video (premiered by NPR) were 'Official Selection(s)' of the Austin Music Video Festival 2016. The VR Experience was also a 'Best Interactive Music Video' Award Nominee at the festival. Additionally, it was chosen as one of the three best VR music videos in the field by VR Days 2016 - Europe's largest VR event. VR Scout also included the project on their 'Essential VR Music Videos of 2016' list.

- His 'Lazarus' and 'LA' music videos, and 'Love Under The Lights' interactive music video were Official Selections of the Austin Music Video Festival 2017. 'Lazarus' is a 'Best Performance' Award Nominee.

- Monty is 1 of 12 directors chosen internationally to participate in Motionpoems' Season 8 (2017): 'Dear Mr. President'.

- Monty is 1 of 6 directors chosen out of 400 to participate in the inaugural year of the Commercial Directing Diversity Program (CDDP) - sponsored by the AICP and DGA (2018).

- Monty's film '‍‍So‍‍‍ng of the Mutant Super Boars' is an Official Selection of the Zebra Poetry Film Festival (2018) in Berlin. 80+ films were selected from a record breaking‍‍‍ 1200 submissions from 94 countries around the world.